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Volunteer Position for Business Mixer Team LA

Fun volunteer positions are not like Bigfoot—they really and truly exist. And if you’re the type of person who knows how to bring the fun with you wherever you go, and easily connects with people, you will enjoy a position on our GABA LA Business Mixer Team.

Organizational wizardry, people skills, and creativity are essential to a successful business mixer.

 What you’d do:

Find locations where our community can meet. This includes restaurants, bars, or hotels that welcome our group. Provide details for the event description, like parking information, happy hour special etc.

What you’d need:

Have fun meeting new people and working with our team of Germans and Americans.

What you’d get back:

GABA offers extensive volunteer benefits, including a complimentary GABA membership, free attendance at almost every event, your listing on the GABA team page, access to the GABA board members and experts if you need help finding connections, and more.

For details on volunteering and to apply, please refer to our volunteer application form!

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