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Composing Unmuted

In this GABA Film Initiative webinar, we uncover the myths of the work of film and tv composers, their process, how to talk to them as a filmmaker, and why it is the best investment for a movie to hire a composer vs using music libraries even during a global pandemic.

Why does some film music excite us more than others, and how can we achieve a great score in our films? These and many more questions will be answered by our guest speakers and composers Kim Planert, Christine Aufderhaar, Jeffrey Gold, and Silke Matzpohl.


Kim Planert

Film Music Composer, Producer

Jeffrey Gold

Film Music Composer, Screenwriter

Silke Matzpohl

Composer, Musical Director

Christine Aufderhaar

Film Composer


Verena Puhm

Co-Chair GABA Film Initiative, Producer, Writer, Director

Joachim Zell

Co-Chair GABA Film Initiative, Movie Industry Technology Consultant, Producer

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