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Seven Seals Whisky

Seven Seals Innovation – Award-winning Single Malt from Switzerland

Seven Seals Whisky is now available in the US!

The Swiss are known for many things, but Single Malt whisky might not come to mind immediately. Traditional whisk(e)y regions such as Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the US have been producing “the water of life” for many centuries. Nowadays, new distilleries from various countries around the planet show that excellent whiskies do not necessarily have to come from the usual or traditional players.

Seven Seals is an excellent example of when tradition meets innovation.

Seven Seals Innovation AG is a Swiss company focused on innovative spirit production and international sales. The core of the business is the production of high-quality single malts, rye whiskies and rums. The company stands for innovation, outstanding quality, ecology, and 100% natural ingredients in spirits production.

Seven Seals Whisky StockhausenWith the internationally patented Stockhausen method, the team sets new standards in the refinement of spirits, combined with a time-saving, ecological, and economic improvement compared to the traditional methods without compromising quality or taste. Without giving away too much of the method itself the ecological advantages can be summarized by using significantly less wood (with barrels approx. 70% of the wood is practically wasted), reducing the high evaporation losses, also called the Angel’s Share, which can be up to 2.5% depending on the climatic zone and of course the warehouse space needed to mature the whisky with the traditional slow and inefficient method of just resting it for many years in barrels. The implementation of the Stockhausen method solves not only the problems created by the serious barrel shortage some producers are facing which consequently leads to the need to use spent or otherwise inferior casks with a negative impact on the overall quality of the finished product. Additionally, the innovative method significantly reduces the overall costs and capital investment to produce whisky with the traditional barrel aging process.

How wood interacts with alcohol is the key to understanding where the advantages of the Stockhausen method lie. There is a subtractive and additive maturation that give whisky its unique taste. Unwanted molecules are absorbed by the wood while desirable aromas such as vanillin and wood sugars are added by the surface contact between distillate and the wood itself. This process follows Fick’s diffusion laws.

The temperature of the treatment of the wood also plays an important role. Traditionally, barrels are flamed out for 5-7 minutes at insanely high temperatures which not only charres the inside of the barrel but simultaneously leads to undesirable side reactions. The Stockhausen method addresses this by using a longer heating process at much lower temperatures and can thereby develop a rich flavor profile that is unparalleled in the industry.

With this methodology and philosophy, Seven Seals Innovation AG produces excellent single malts, awarded by experts worldwide, and proves that the essential criterion for a good single malt is simply superior taste.

Their slogan “Time does not matter – Taste matters”, summarizes what a multitude of awards have continuously proven to the world since 2018. When the Swiss do something, they do it right and this means with attention to detail and ultimate commitment to the highest quality standards.

Seven Seals has received 13 Double Gold medals and 52 Gold at all the major competitions worldwide. It has even published in M. Jackson’s 8th edition of the, Malt Whisky Companion“ (rated 93 and 94) and received a 94.5 from Jim Murray in his famous “Whisky Bible”. Other awards include the Chairman Trophy in the Ultimate Spirits competition in New York and the coveted Best 100 Spirits Worldwide trophy.

The Seven Seals headquarters is located in Stans, Switzerland and it has subsidiaries in Germany, the US and Canada. They have been successful since 2018 in the European markets and are now coming to North America. In 2022 Seven Seals invested CAN$5.5M in a distillery in Ontario, Canada to refine their products with the Stockhausen method also on this continent.

Their US office is located in Reno, NV and coordinates the sales and marketing for the entire United States. Currently the whisky is available in 34 states for online delivery and has a continuously growing distribution network throughout the United States. In Nevada they are available in all Total Wine locations and many high-end bars and restaurants. The market in California and the East Coast is also growing for them and play an important role for the further development of the brand.

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