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Fireside Chat & Networking with Marie-Astrid Langer

Fireside Chat with Astrid Langer

Transatlantic Insights: From Couch-Surfing to Crafting a Portrait of Kamala Harris

During GABA’s recent Fireside Chat event, attendees had the privilege of spending an inspiring evening with Marie-Astrid Langer, US correspondent for Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) and first-time book author. Held at the German International School of Silicon Valley (GISSV) in San Francisco’s vibrant Castro District, the event featured Marie-Astrid in conversation with Tracey Grose, Founding Principal of Next Curve Strategy and Vice Chair of the GABA Board or Directors.

Tracey’s well-prepared and insightful questions guided the engaged audience on a captivating journey, beginning with Marie-Astrid’s early exploration of “What makes America tick?” Her experiences ranged from couch-surfing across the U.S. as a reporter for Spiegel Online before the 2012 presidential election to her current role as a respected foreign correspondent for NZZ. Along the way, Marie-Astrid shared anecdotes and insights that informed her latest endeavor: crafting a concise portrait of America’s most powerful woman, Vice President Kamala Harris.

The dialogue between Tracey and Marie-Astrid delved into thought-provoking topics, including the challenges of balanced reporting in the face of time-sensitive news and navigating interviewee opinions that may be misleading or inaccurate. They also addressed the persistent glass-ceiling phenomenon faced by women in journalism, particularly those aspiring to careers in foreign correspondence.

The lively Q&A session that followed left attendees eager for more discussion, reflecting the ongoing curiosity and anticipation surrounding the upcoming elections. Marie-Astrid was even asked if she would consider another “couch-trip” to gauge the nation’s pulse—a testament to the wealth of topics still awaiting exploration.

As conversations continued over glasses of wine and delicious snacks, it was evident that the evening had sparked connections and inspired further dialogue among attendees. Keep an eye out for our next GABA events, and we invite you to join us for more enriching experiences!

Author: Antonia Fore, GABA Volunteer

Fireside Chat & Networking with Marie-Astrid Langer

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