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Can Silicon Valley Save the Mittelstand?

Virtual Event

LAUDA CEO Gunther Wobser moved to Silicon Valley for a year to find out what the German “Mittelstand” (SMEs) can learn from Silicon Valley. He captured his experiences in the German language book, “Neu Erfinden” (“Re-Inventing”), which was published last year.

The Ripple – European Networking

Virtual Event

Join #TheRipple, the largest online networking event based on professional matchmaking for and by the transatlantic business community, on November 17th. Opportunity awaits; come make waves with us! Here is how it works: Register now! It is free for all Participants. After registration, you will receive an invitation from Conversation Starter to create your profile.…

Global Business Outlook 2022

Virtual Event

As 2021 is coming to a close, we’re headed into a new year that will be shaped by several key topics with wide-ranging international impact. During this event, we will highlight and discuss these topics with a panel of expert speakers. The world economy continues to be broadly but unevenly affected by Covid-19 and its…

Innovation Start-up Hubs and Programs – Same Objectives Different Approaches

Virtual Event

The amount of AI Startups is growing but still small in Europe compared to the US or China. What are the challenges and opportunities? Incubators, accelerators, corporate ventures are all established programs to fuel innovation and the creation of promising startups. Where do you go? What is the best model? Is there a blueprint? Serial…

COVID-19: Putting Public Health To The Test

Virtual Event

The Continued Role for COVID Testing As air and land borders have opened again and families are planning to get together in person this holiday season, we are going to discuss COVID-testing as a public health tool, and one that may be underutilized in this phase of the pandemic. Currently, in the U.S. COVID testing…

How to Tap into the Silicon Valley Ecosystem – Lessons From Experts and Entrepreneurs Who Have Successfully Done It

Virtual Event

Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and network are world famous. But how can “outsiders” like founders, investors, academics and managers tap into it? What are the ground rules? How and where to make beneficial connections? How is the culture different? Does it make sense to set up dual operations in Europe and the US? German’s who lived…

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