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Open Domain, Inc.

9 Crow Canyon Court Ste 108, San Ramon, CA 94583
Uli Dreifuerst

Open Domain is a software developer and service provider in the engineering information management space (EIM). We deliver open, standards-based products and solutions that enable businesses to accelerate information flows and lower operational costs by simplifying how you manage, share and integrate engineering data. Information is fluid, it is always changing, touching both internal and external processes. Open Domain’s Vistapoint Multi-CAD Suite is a solution portfolio that helps you manage and store technical documents, drawings, and project information – a single source of information for the entire organization. Vistapoint manages the entire product or project lifecycle including the inevitable multiple revisions across multiple designs. Vistapoint is not only at home in companies with a focus on engineering and manufacturing. It is increasingly being used to support facility management and emerging trend such as building information management (BIM).

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